By Deborah Wolfson, owner of Lice Ladies Tampa Bay

I KNOW how my clients feel!  A number of years ago I had to deal with the feelings and emotions of my child getting lice.  That is how I got into the business.   Oh my, the embarrassment, shame and guilt I felt.  I wish I had known then what I know now.  THERE IS NO NEED FOR SHAME GUILT OR EMBARRASSMENT!

There is so much misinformation that leads to those unnecessary feelings.  So many people still believe that you get lice because of poor hygiene.  Guess what, that is totally false.  Lice actually are drawn to  the scent of blood on your scalp. They want a clean not a dirty scalp.  Instead of worrying that people will think that your kids have poor hygiene, educate people that lice like clean not dirty heads.  A clean head and head to head contact with an infested head is the most likely way your child got lice.

Remember there is no blame, fault or shame in getting lice.  There is only lack of knowledge.  Instead of blaming yourself and feeling guilty, educate yourself, your kids and the people your kids come in to contact with. Empower yourself and your family by knowing how to minimize your chances of getting lice.  If by chance you think you or your kids have lice, take charge and call Lice Ladies.  We are here to educate and provide a safe, stress free option to get rid of lice.