About Head Lice Removal

Itching is a symptom of lice, and your child could have lice. Itching is not always a tell tale sign. Not everyone itches. People that are allergic to the bite may itch when infested with lice. The best way to determine if your child has lice is to use a professional lice comb and do a 5 minute danger zone check, or call Lice Ladies for a professional head check appointment.

Anyone who has had head to head contact with a person who has had lice.

Everyone that lives in the same home will need to be checked, but will only need to be treated if there is any sign of lice or nits found.

That may be a client’s personal preference, but is absolutely not necessary.

We provide peace of mind in ensuring that you will not spend weeks trying to get rid of lice and nits.

Lice have become increasingly resistant to the toxic, and harsh chemicals and pesticides in OTC and prescription treatments.

The most effective way to treat lice is to schedule and appointment with Lice Ladies or a reputable professional service.