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Lice Ladies is HIPAA Compliant and Provides Private Treatment Rooms for our clients.
Lice Ladies does not condone the use of non-professional or professional products applied by any owner or staff that are not supervised by a Provider. Lice Ladies uses our own professional, non-toxic products that have an NDC from the FDA. In accordance with the AAP, Lice Ladies employees work under a Provider, in the most professional and medically regulated manner, to serve as an educational resource for families, school districts and communities so that head lice may be treated and managed without stigma.

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Treatments available Monday – Saturday in our lice treatment clinics. Check individual clinics for Sunday availability. Our Clinics are Located in metro Atlanta, Athens and Dallas, TX.

Lice Ladies is proud to offer safe, effective treatment that is based on science. We use our own product line. The treatment is a non-toxic, enzyme based product that has an NDC from the FDA. We also are proud to offer the FloSonix medical heat treatment.

All Lice Ladies technicians are extensively and professionally trained and have a minimum of a 4-year college degree and/or equivalent cosmetology background, experience working with children and/or medical and/or science background. Safety of our clients is extremely important so we strive to employ staff that are not only lice experts and excellent in lice treatment, but know the proper medical and scientific information to keep our clients and staff safe, educated and informed.

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    October 9th, 2023|Comments Off on Ask Us About Insurance Reimbursement

    Put your confidence in Medical Professionals. Does insurance cover a professional Lice Treatment? Lice Ladies

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