Lice Ladies is excited to partner with FloSonix to give clients the option of this new and highly effective technology. The FloSonix treatment is over 99% effective at dehydrating nits. Based on school and county requirements in Georgia, Lice Ladies will perform a thorough comb out with our Lice Ladies Evict treatment mousse and comb, removing all of the lice and nits that we can, prior to the FloSonix treatment. The hair will then be thoroughly dried and the FloSonix treatment will be performed.  Clients that opt for FloSonix will return for a complimentary follow up within 7-10 days.  The only time Lice Ladies will require a $55 retreat is if the client comes back with a new re-infestation of adult bugs.

Our FloSonix medical device works heated air through the hair in a timed and specific pattern. The device dehydrates lice and their eggs.

Clients leave our treatment center lice free so you can immediately return to normal school or work activities.

***See information on the Lice Ladies Guarantee so that each client treated can ensure they are protected by the Lice Ladies 30 day guarantee***