Lice Ladies Atlanta

Jennie Lasater

Founding Owner

Jennie is the founding owner of Lice Ladies. With a Master of Science in Biology, she feels that safety is the number one factor in treating people for human head lice. She founded the company taking a scientific approach. Using her science background along with all-natural, safe and effective products, she hopes to help families get rid of their head lice infestations and educate on how to help prevent re-infestation.

If you are interested in Franchising, please CLICK HERE for more details.

Molly Brandenberger

Co- Owner

Molly is the co-owner of Lice Ladies. Molly has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations degree along with years of training and management experience. She strives to ensure each family treated has the best experience possible when dealing with the stressful issue of human head lice infestations. Molly ensures quality control is upheld with all employees of Lice Ladies with education and consistency.

If you are interested in Franchising, please CLICK HERE for more details.

We treat each family in a private treatment room.  We abide by the HIPAA laws with client privacy.

**We offer multiple treatment rooms in each clinic**

**By appointment only**

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Ask Us About Insurance Reimbursement

October 9th, 2023|Comments Off on Ask Us About Insurance Reimbursement

Put your confidence in Medical Professionals. Does insurance cover a professional Lice Treatment? Lice Ladies

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