As we sail further along into the 21st century, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our classrooms. Tablets are replacing textbooks, smart-boards are encouraging creative learning and in some counties students are being issued their very own Chromebooks! Use of these types of technology can make learning fun for our students and prepares them for the future, however, it can also present a rather icky problem as well.  As we see a rise in technology usage in the classroom we are also seeing a rise in head lice infestations.

Students huddled around a small screen tablet making close head-to-head contact or sharing headphones while they move center to center in a classroom are exposing each other to this possibility. Encourage students to use their own headphones when utilizing technology in the classroom and not to huddle up head-to-head with a classmate around a tablet screen. Teachers can also help by keeping each individual students headphones stored in their own cases or a ziplock bag instead of piled into one basket or box together.