By: Jennie Lasater
Founding Owner of Lice Ladies

Head Lice CAN infest EVERYONE WITH HAIR on their heads! It doesn’t matter your hair type.  If you have hair on your head, you CAN get human head lice!  Lice Ladies is equipped to treat your family effectively and safely!  Our friendly staff and owners are ready to ensure you have a great experience and leave Lice and Nit Free!!!!  Lice Ladies products are all natural and our enzyme has an NDC from the FDA!
We are taking all of the precautions recommended by the CDC and state to ensure our clients and our staff are safe in this unprecedented time of COVID-19.
Give us a call at 1-888-924-5423 or visit our website for a chat! Clients can also email us at
Book an appointment in our Atlanta location, our Dunwoody location or our Cherokee location.  New Cumming location opening 06/29/2020!  Mobile service is also available!