Recharting Your Life With Hope -Get Unstuck and Discover Direction, Purpose, and Joy for Your Life

This isn’t just a story of entrepreneurial success.  Jennie Lasater, founder of Lice Ladies, and her co-owner, Molly Brandenberger, chat with me about their life-long friendship which started in a girl pop band (they even performed with New Kids on the Block!!) and culminated in Jennie escaping a near-death experience with her abusive husband.  Jenny chose not to let her past define her and used her anger to fuel her determination to build a successful business.  A self-described science nerd, she used her degree in science and her fascination with headlice to create a safe and effective method of treatment.

The Lice Ladies even have a product line on Amazon!   Amazon products from Liceladies website Email FB: IG: TikTok:@liceladiesatlanta

If you’re not happy in your own life, ask yourself why you continue to stay stuck.  If you need help packing your bags and moving out of “Stuckville”, consider hiring a life coach (me!).  To schedule your free 30 minute chat, click here.  We’ll see where you are now in life and where you’d like to be and decide if we’re a good fit.  This is your life speaking to you, it’s time to make some changes!

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